Sedation Dentistry

Virtually Pain Free Dentistry

Sedation dentistry from Beenleigh Marketplace Dental using Nitrous Oxide and Wand computer controlled anaesthetic

At Beenleigh Marketplace Dental, we understand that fear and anxiety can often accompany many patients to the dentist, resulting in a stressful, unpleasant experience. We aim to make your experience with us as positive as possible.

For this reason, we offer Nitrous Oxide which is commonly known as laughing gas, and Wand computer controlled anaesthetic to help ensure that your treatment is conducted in a relaxed, stress and anxiety-free manner.

Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is mixed with a precise amount of oxygen through a mask that’s placed over your nose. This gas is designed to calm patient’s nerves and remove the pain associated with dental treatments.

Nitrous oxide has no colour or smell and should not irritate you. The gas can cause you to laugh and giggle and may cause you feel a little light-headed after inhaling for a few minutes as it induces a sense of euphoria. Your dentist is able to control the amount of sedation you receive, and it tends to wear off quite quickly.

The Wand Computerised Anaesthetic Delivery System

The Wand is a computerised anaesthetic distribution method that electronically delivers anaesthetic to patients. It’s a virtually painless injection that allows you to lay back and relax.

Because The Wand system is so precise, it decreases the discomfort you feel with traditional injections. A computer will control both the pressure and the flow rate of the anaesthetic fluid. Almost all our patients report no pain at all.

Some of the benefits of The Wand system are:

  • Practically painless and removes the “bee sting” feeling
  • The computer controlled device delivers a consistent and precisely measured flow of anaesthetic
  • Comfortable
  • Only the area needing treatment is numbed, this eliminates the unnecessary numbness of surrounding areas like the tongue, cheek and face

While our sedation options are suitable for almost all our patients, contact us to discuss your situation before your next appointment.