Teeth Whitening

For a bright, fresh smile, teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment available.

If your teeth are stained, tired or dull in appearance, we offer different options for teeth whitening. This is a chemical process used to lighten the colour of your teeth. You have the choice of In-office bleaching (performed entirely in the dental chair) or take-home bleaching.

In-office teeth whitening

Our in-office teeth whitening option takes about one hour in the dental chair and is performed by one of our dentists. A comprehensive check-up and teeth cleaning is recommended prior to the whitening session. The procedure begins with a short preparation to cover and protect the gums before applying the whitening gel which will break up the stains and discolouration. The gel is then applied every 15 minutes for a total treatment of three rounds.

This is the quickest and most effective option to achieve the white smile you want as you can walk out with a white, bright smile after only one hour in our practice.

Take-home teeth whitening

For the take-home bleaching, we will create a custom bleaching tray for you to take home and perform the whitening process yourself. The custom tray ensures the correct amount of whitening material is used and the patient’s teeth are properly exposed. A home whitening session can last for half an hour to overnight. You can still achieve the same result as in our in-office whitening option but it will take you a lot longer. Typically, two or three weeks after your home teeth whitening regimen, you will return to your cosmetic dentist for a follow-up visit.

Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. Results can last for one or more years, depending upon your personal habits. In most cases, the whitening procedure is very effective and the patient is pleased with the results.

Teeth whitening from a professional

Whichever option you go for, we strongly recommend that you get your teeth whitened by a dentist. We are able to assess your oral health and ascertain what the best form of tooth whitening treatment for you is.

While most tooth discolouration is due to lifestyle choices such as drinking coffee, red wine and tea, some stains are due to intrinsic causes, such as damaged pulp and teeth. If this is the case then no amount of tooth whitening product will whiten your teeth. So, unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products, a dentist can determine whether teeth whitening will be effective or not for you.

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