Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy, aka root canal treatment, alleviates pain

It is the standard in modern dentistry to help patients maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible; because your natural teeth are better for your oral health. That is one of the reasons why dentists perform treatments such as fillings, crowns and root canal treatment. Each of these treatments is designed to save a tooth from extraction. Root canal treatment is usually the last way a tooth can be saved before it has to be extracted.

The procedure involves removing inflamed or damaged tissue from inside a tooth and cleaning, filling and sealing the remaining space. Many people have the misconception of root canal treatment as being a painful procedure. In fact, with modern techniques and anaesthetics, root canal treatment is relatively painless, most people report that having a root canal treatment is about as unremarkable as having a cavity filled.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when decay has reached the roots of your tooth. If root canal treatment is not performed the decay will infect the gums and the tooth will fall out. However, the pain you will experience before it gets to this stage will be significant: severe toothache, bleeding gums and your tooth will start to go black because the pulp in the tooth is decayed and dead.

Once the tooth has erupted and settled, the tooth pulp is no longer necessary for the tooth to survive. Root canal treatment involves removing the decayed pulp and filling the tooth to help keep its shape and structure, and may require a dental crown to protect and strengthen your tooth.

How do I avoid the need for root canal treatment?

Regular visits to your dentist can help to prevent root canal treatment. Usually, a white composite filling can help to prevent the need for root canal treatment because this cleans out the decay from the tooth.

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