How to take care of your teeth if you play sport

We all know that there are numerous benefits to living an active lifestyle.

In fact, regular exercise like walking, running, and playing sports not only helps to maintain a healthy body weight and build muscle, it can also boost your energy levels, improve the quality of your sleep, and lower feelings of stress and anxiety. With that in mind, you’ll surely want to join your local sports team and get moving! There’s nothing like a fun game of soccer or a social hockey match to boost your mood and fitness.

Unfortunately, sporting injuries are actually one of the most common causes for dental injuries, such as damaged or knocked out teeth, broken jaws, and cut lips. The prospect of hurting yourself while enjoying your favourite sport might sound scary, but don’t let it put you off. Rather, come in and have a custom mouthguard made — here’s why…

Who should wear a mouthguard?

We recommend that anyone who plays a contact sport should wear a mouthguard. This includes football, boxing, soccer, rugby, and hockey. While walking and running don’t require this kind of precaution, we do suggest that those participating in any non-contact sports or recreational activities that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth should consider wearing a protective mouthguard. So, if you spent your weekends mountain biking, for example, it’s a good idea to protect your teeth and mouth from injury. Also, if your children play any sports or enjoy activities like skateboarding, bring them in to have a mouthguard specially fitted. You’ll thank us in the long-term!

Why should I choose a custom mouthguard?

While mouthguards are readily available at sports stores, we strongly recommend that you invest in one that is custom made to fit your mouth properly. Mouthguards that are made by a dentist suit each individual’s mouth properly, which means that they offer better protection. Plus, custom mouthguards are much more comfortable than store-bought types. Professionally custom-made mouthguards won’t shift or fall out while you are playing sport and won’t restrict your breathing or ability to speak properly. While they are designed to thoroughly protect the teeth, they also work to cushion a blow to the mouth and jaw, preventing potential damage to the brain, neck and jaw.

How are mouthguards made?

In order to make sure that your mouthguard fits your mouth comfortably, your dentist will begin by taking an impression of your teeth. As with all of our treatments, we use the latest technology. We even have wide-screen digital TVs in all of our treatment rooms, which are positioned up on the ceiling above the dental chair for your entertainment — this is especially helpful if you want to bring in your child to have a mouthguard made, as they’ll have something to focus their attention on while the impression is being taken and time will fly by during the visit!

Once your dentist has made the impression, it is then sent to a professional laboratory, where your mouthguard is moulded over the impression with a special material. Because the material is moulded over an impression of your unique bite, the result is a mouthguard that fits your mouth very precisely. This helps to provide the best possible support during your sports games, so you won’t need to worry about your mouthguard slipping when you run or jump.

If you play a contact sport or enjoy a recreational activity that increases your risk of a dental injury, consider having a mouthguard made. If you would like to know more about the process and cost, get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.