Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Energy drinks – appears as safe as coffee but as lethal as anything. How ironic …

Not only do energy drinks have detrimental and sometimes, irreversible effects on your body and general health, but also on your teeth and oral health!

Here at Beenleigh Marketplace Dental, we know that prevention is always better than a cure and for this reason, we believe strongly in preventative care for our patients.

Effects of Energy Drinks on Teeth

Some of the effects energy drinks can have on your teeth include:

  • Cavities; these are holes in teeth caused by a bacterial infection that turns into tooth decay.
  • Tooth erosion; this occurs when acid attacks the teeth to dissolve the outer surface of tooth enamel.
  • Regular loss of enamel; which can lead to cavities and exposure of the inner layers of the tooth that may become sensitive and painful.
  • Energy drinks can also result in teeth stains, some stains being permanent.

But it says ‘Sugar-Free’, so it’s not bad, right?

Wrong! Yes, it may be sugar-free however, other chemicals such as aspartame will have been added into the energy drink to maintain the same flavour as a sugar-loaded one! These additives can cause dental erosion due to their acidity levels being so high.

Did you know, that Red Bull Sugar-free was found to be highest in acidity amongst energy drinks?

It’s important to note it’s not just the sugar content you have to think about before you drink an energy drink, but also the acidity levels because we cannot stress this enough: as tough as enamel is, it doesn’t have any living cells and is, therefore, unable to repair itself if it undergoes physical or chemical damage. This means that enamel erosion isn’t reversible, and the enamel won’t grow back.

If an energy or sports drink is advertised sugar-free, does not mean it is oral health-friendly! Here at Beenleigh Marketplace Dental, our team strongly advises the best option when choosing to drink an energy drink or not, is to just leave it. Foresee the risks, avoid them, and smile!

Effects of Energy Drinks on Teeth Beenleigh

If you would like more information about this or have any concerns regarding your oral health, do not hesitate to enquire online or book an appointment today.